How to Get Rid of Lawn Full of Weeds

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There are just many things that your lawn provides to your advantage. Besides providing aesthetics to your territory, it also improves your curb appeal and gives you a more relaxing scenery upon getting out of the house.   

Of course, because of the pandemic, we work and study at home, and sometimes getting out of the house can be the most comforting thing we can do.   

Sinking our feet into the lush, radiant green grass can be so therapeutic to the feeling. However, once you tossed your feet to the coarse clovers and stringy ivy, the experience becomes uncomfortable than good.   

If you call tree removal companies to remove trees that are unwanted and posing threats to your house and plants, you also need to take action when weeds start to grow in your lawn and backyard because when they start to grow, they multiply so fast.   

Read through if you want to get rid of these weeds in your lawn.    

Weed Issues: How to Get Rid of Them?   

While it can be a little bit intimidating to remove, but to effectively discourage them to grown and multiply, you need to ensure that your turf is healthier than them.   

These weeds that you are trying to get rid of are just similar to your plants and other grass and they also need the same things that your plants and shrubs need and they grow so much if we let them. And as mentioned, if you ensure that you have a lawn that has healthy plants and shrubs, because this makes it difficult for the weeds to thrive. When you have water-deprived and compacted soil, as well as low-mowed grass, you are encouraging weeds to grow in your lawn.   

Effective Steps to Get Rid of the Lawn Weeds  

Of course, you can. If you want to kill the weeds without killing your turf and grass, there are some pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are formulated for this. These herbicides will not hurt your lawn, of course, with the right application. If you are not confident about putting the herbicides, you can always call professional services to help you with the process.   

If you want to find natural ways on how to remove your weeds and not using herbicides, read on.  

1. Check your lawn and determine what is the issue to know the exact solutions   

2. Choose a treatment that is perfect to kill that certain weeds and the stage they are in. If you plan to target weeds before the spring, you will need to buy some pre-emergent. However, if you have some old and established weeds, buy a post-emergent.   

3. Kill the weeds by following the product description and instructions. Make sure that you follow all the instructions and do not skip not a single step as it can ruin your plants, trees, and soil.   

4. Keep up with the schedule in maintaining your lawn. Follow the following:   

  • Seed your lawn in the fall and aerate as much as possible  
  • Give your lawn some fertilizer before the winter sets in  
  • Put pre-emergent and pull out some weeds during spring  
  • Mow your lawn in summer and spring   

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